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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bugsy, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Not content with completely screwing up their Septic site, the head shed at your favourite Septic military website (known and admired for its impartiality and openness) has now decided to step across the pond and invade the UK. This is their new website:

    Don't forget that on the Septic version you're not allowed to post any links at all unless they're to articles of official military sites. No wonder they're all pissed off!!!

  2. what the buggerring bollocky bastarding hell??!!
  3. Okay just for a bit of fun,

    Why don't we all (arrse members!) all join under different WALT identities and then we have to match who is who on this site and also start creating bone threads on the other site.

    Yes it is childish

    But their rules and terms and conditions are also....

    PS: I am bored
  4. Now you come up with that! I've already joined as Bugsy. But it would be worth a giggle wouldn't it?

  5. Looks like a bag of shoite
  6. Well there's some absolutely fascinating threads in their forums..........not!

    Why do new forums always attract the biggest planks in the universe?
  7. Hopefully it will draw some of the recent bandwidth thief's that have popped up recently from posting drivel here for a while...

    Not going to hold my breath mind :wink:
  8. Oh, thanks for that, TT. :D :D :D

  9. I bet I can break it within a week.

    Those from the GI Jargon campaign, dust off your bayonets. O Gp in 24 hours. :wink:
  10. Your so evil mwahahahahaha :wink:
  11. I'm on as Bond. Bugsy, i've sent you a friend request. How very facebook.
  12. Seconded
  13. I've joined as both Good CO and Bad Co, and am going to have arguments with myself, about whether to ban posts from the reat of you
  14. oh and I am also going to sign up as MDN and Cerrunos, and organise a dogging session in Nether Wallop in their honour