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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr.X, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. I just finished secondary with probably 6/7 B's and want to join the Army as a Military Clerk. Is this advisable? Anyone got any interesting experiences? Cheers.

    Psst: I'm not really a General.
  2. Yes. I have advice. Choose a different trade, one with decent promotion, an interesting line of work, working hours that leave you with a life outside of the office... I could go on, but won't.
  3. Don't you do any normal army stuff then?
  4. That certainly isn't a General in this Army..
  5. What I meant was, do clerks ever get out the office and do soldier things?
  6. In theory, yes. In practice there is far too much admin to do, and few clerks escape for other things. Even on Ex you'll be stuck in the back of a 432 or a tent somwhere.
  7. My recruiter has been trying is hardest to get me to do Military Clerk/Administrator, but after doing more research it sounds very boring and not what I want to do at all. Going for Military Engineer Communications instead.
  8. Is it a popular choice though? I was thinking about REME but everyone's fighting over that...
  9. Spoke on the phone with my recruiter earlier today, he said if I pass selection in 2 weeks then I can be starting basic in July. But if I still want to join the Royal Engineers then I will be looking at a September start. I dont know if he is just saying that to trying and get me to join HR & Finance, but I dont mind waiting at all. It gives me a few more months training time.
  10. Is there anyone who enjoys being a clerk? I heard you get experience with any cap badge you want; are there any perks?
  11. you can fiddle your pay so you get millions every month....go for it :D
  12. REALLY?! I'd thought about that but I assumed I was being naive! CAN YOU?
  13. you'd get arrested under the Computer Missuse Act.
  14. So it's not a great choice right?
  15. Listen to the advice above. 20+ years in and I look like I had a paper round in Beirut.