Military civvie style fashion of bygone days

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Luminous yellow ron hill hats, normally seen by some numpty out running when dark
  2. I've seen MDNs trapping gear and he still dons the light blue 501s from the PX with white T-Shirt, aviator glasses & late 80s flat top... ala Top Gun stylie. His squaddie two step hasnt come on much either :D
  3. As one of the recalcitrant older generation I tend to let fashion complete its cycle; every ten or twenty years or so it happens to co-incide with what I wear as a matter, habit (yep, that's the word). :roll:

    In my case it's unashamedly 60s-70s squaddie; T-shirt, jeans and gillie-ties (dessies)... And that's what I'm wearing right now! :lol:

    Once upon a time, when I was piloting my 432 around Germany, I managed to get hold of the biggest parka in the world. Being a mere 5' 6", all I had to do was kneel down and I had my own tent!

    'What's that feckin' green mushroom doing there, Sarn't Major!' screamed the OC.
    'It's not a feckin' green mushroom, Sir; it's your driver, Pte Mycelium!'
    'God, give me strength,' howled the Old Man... And so my super parka had to go. :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. big gay moustaches; desert boots (the proper, east european made ones, laced with black and white paracord), levi jeans with ironed in creases (tw*ts), those green yank nylon bomber jackets with the orange lining that were called nicknamed ABF (airborne forces) jackets by the airhorn warriors.......ah, happy days, para bergans with the clansman frame covered with stretched bungees so they were even MORE f*ckin uncomfortable.... course i still dress like this when i'm off down the launderette on a saturday morning, bergan overflowing.....!
  5. ohh, i almost forgot; the parachute silk running top knocked up by some pads wife on a sewing machine, rounded off by a nut busting pair of union jack shorts.........
  6. What about squaddie on the piss clothes? Check shirt (Ben Shirman), biege trousers and kickers. Topped off by a bottle of Joop and half a tube of hair gel :lol: Squaddies, stop dressing like chavs!!
  7. The standard mode of dress for the disco kit in my Battalion was:

    Tracksuit with poppers on the side and a bit of bling

    Never went in for it myself as I fell into the 'Mod' dress code!
  8. Gota be Kings or Cheshires
  9. They were referred to as 'Charvers'. And this was before chavs were invented.
  10. Ok I split the topics, use this one for the fashion of sqauddies in civvie dress through the decades :wink:
  11. I am that officer fashion victim - LOUD sports jacket, Viyella shirt, red moleskins, brogues and a tie which you could read by at night. Spotty hanky in breast pocket optional...don't care, I know I look knob..erm..I mean good..knob? Good!!
  12. Addition to the above, bright yellow jumbo cords. Niiiiiiice.
  13. Officer brouges, Clip clop clip clop. I shudder....very tacky, and very very nasty, Oh and very shiney........
  14. RTFQ


    I went to see modern popular rock and/or roll band "Kaiser Chiefs" last night, and the supporting bands looked like they'd just ripped off Ben Grubbs' Army Surplus Store. Band 1's lead guitarist was wearing a trop shirt, Band 2's lead singer was wearing a tailored pin striped suit IDENTICAL to my post RMAS Goldings special and, get this, their bass player was wearing a No1 Dress blues jacket, buttons, collar dogs, shoulder titles the works. I might start wearing random items of my 1157 out in lindon from now on. I have always suspected that ECW trousers never went out of fashion!
  15. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Went out for a stroll in Leeds a couple of years back and passed 5 people over the 2 or 3 hours who were all wearing one bit of NBC suit. 3 people thought that the jackets were cool, but 2 of them thought the trousers were as well, god only knows why. All of these fools were seen on their own or in a group of tramps/goths.