Military Civil Partnerships

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by naafi_bird04, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Right, I'm off to what I think is one of the FIRST military civil partnerships on thursday.
    Now, there's been ALOT of controversy around our little camp about their rights etc etc

    Well that aside- I need to get a wedding present, and fast........ it's two females so think, think, think!!!

    Retracted "that" sentence.... The key issue was a present!!!!!! ENOUGH!
  2. Hers & Hers Towels?
  3. too dull.....
  4. double ended dildo??
  5. To keep a healthy balance in the relationship, might I suggest that one of your Lebanese friends gets given a copy of

    "The Domestic Violence Handbook - By Doctor Franny Belter of Leeds"

    It simply won't do, that both ladies have an equal hand in the partnership, so one of them will have to take on the role of Yorkshire-wife-terrorist to ensure happiness and stability for many years.

    The book is crammed full of tips for both the novice and professional alike. With sections written by some of Britains most renowned spousal-pugilists, one of your friends will be 'walking into doors' within days.
  6. Are you suggesting that he's somehow obliged to perform a ceremony that may be fundamentally at odds with his religious undertanding?

    Presumably if a couple of misguided satanist's wanted to make a blood sacrifice on the altar in his chapel he'd be holy prick for turning them down to?

    You are having a laugh aren't you?
  7. Thats it....end the post now! We have a winner!
  8. why is the padre a prick for refusing to hold a CIVIL ceromony it is not his job
  9. misguided satanists..... What a load of codswallop! Be gone- foul beast
  10. Answer the question Naafi tart.

    Just because the God Squad refuse to carry out someone elses job in coupling a couple of Dockers wearing clam jousters, how does that make him a prick?
  11. Yes, 'cos anyone wanting to make a blood sacrifice to anyone, for anything, is frankly misguided. If you reckon one religion is b*ll*cks, then all religion is b*ll*cks.
  12. Here's a thought for you. Now that it is no longer punishable by burning at the stake to be a cack pipe commando, whats stopping all of the singlies suddenly "turning gay" and "marrying" each other in civil ceremonies?

    Surely a top notch way to get out of the block and into a pad?
  13. That was not the issue- and it's my opinion.
  14. Exacty- even Satanists would have to recognise the existence of God. no God = no Satan.

    Well done Padre.
  15. I totally agreee.....What's your point?