Military chiefs say more troops needed for conflict

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by benjaminw1, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. From Today's Indy
  2. Ooer that`ll make Gordon throw his Nokia out of the pram!
  3. Thanks for the link; I don't normally peruse the Indy's website!

    The 4 infantry battalions we lost a few years ago would now be very welcome!!

  4. And what they will tell us after the SDR, is for streamlining efficiency, they will suggest cuts in the inf
  5. I've re-joined, my eldest step-son joins in a years time, my own son starts the paperwork next month as soon as he's old enough and my youngest step son has just had a glowing report from a 'come and try it week' on his Public service course and now has his heart set on the Marines in two years time. I'm doing my best for recruitment but I can't do it all! 8O
  6. And what about this missis & daughters (if any)? The AGC won't run itself you know!
  7. The missus is looking after my Uncle, a WW2 Burma vet, while I am away next year and my daughter is at Uni doing theatre studies (I am thinking concert party - a la 'It Aint half hot mum' but I don't think she's too keen LOL) :lol: I am however, trying to train my two mad cockers to sniff out contraband. Have found two hidden jazz mags in my step sons bedroom already (result!), so moving up slowly to IED training :p
  8. Quote.....The army currently has 101,330 recruits, including full-time reservists

    That will do it then! 8O
  9. Since when did Gordon take any notice of the 'Military Chiefs'?
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry, but that's simply not good enough. We need the promise of your son's first born and your garden to be given over to the Land Girls.

    Out of interest, what are the lads looking to join?
  11. Give him a chance he's only 16, and I don't fancy becoming a grandad BEFORE I deploy! Garden - Have planted out spuds, sweetcorn and fruit bushes this week. Am issuing ration vouchers to family next week. Standby!

    Edited to add: Eldest SS is looking to join the engineers, First born is looking to become a dog handler and youngest SS is looking to become a boot neck. A pity none of them aspire to The Rifles but, at least my Godson is hoping to join them later this year :)
  12. This message was relayed to me by an office colleague this AM saying "I read that the Army are recruiting another 100,000 soldiers!" WTF? When I queried it he said that it must be true, it was in an up-market newspaper!

    Now I know it was the Indi and the story didn't say that at all but my colleague does get up early and needs his rest!
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oh I thought it said Chefs and we've got rid of those havent we?