Military campaign leads to top class award for the SOE

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For membership organisations, the Membership Development Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars. Recognising the best talent and highest achievements within the industry – the SOE (Society of Operations Engineers) has just received (on the 28 June) an award for its work in recruiting members from the Armed Forces.

The award for membership recruitment was presented to Mark Organ, Head of Membership Services and Communications at the SOE, by Simon Fowler of the award’s sponsor Computer Software Group Ltd, at the SOE’s AGM on 28 June. This was held at the Ironmongers’ Hall in London. The Awards themselves are arranged, and given, by Associate Management magazine.

The MDA’s recognised the startling success of the work put in by the SOE’s Membership Services and Communications team, Professional Sector Councils and the Membership and Professional Standards Committee. One of the key reasons for the SOE’s success was its commitment to assisting Armed Forces personnel transfer their skills and knowledge from the Forces into civilian employment. This is achieved through accrediting military qualifications for professional recognition through ECuk (Engineering Council UK) registration at Engineering Technician (EngTech) and Incorporated Engineer (IEng) levels.

Said Mark: “We are delighted. The SOE has always been an organisation that puts its members’ needs first and it’s wonderful to have that fact recognised by such a prestigious external organisation. As we move the SOE forward, making it fit for the twenty-first century, this kind of backing from a well respected organisation lets us know we’re on the right path to a very bright future.”

Said John Childs, the Immediate Past President of the SOE: “The SOE is extremely proud to receive the award for its work with the Armed Forces. The Society has been working with the military since we were formed and we are now expanding our work beyond the SOE’s core audience of the REME by assisting engineers in the RAF as well.

“The military is a great area for the SOE to work within – assisting the servicemen and women in progressing their careers, giving them professional recognition and also supporting them in their post-service careers.”

The recruitment campaign saw a 78 per cent increase in the number of new military members from the previous year.

“A big thank you also needs to go to the existing SOE members within the military who played a key part in introducing the Society to potential members,” added John.

•For more information on how the SOE can help you pre, during and post military career, please contact the membership department via[email][/email] or call 0207 630 1111.

•Mark Organ will be attending the Corps Open Day at Arborfield Garrison this Saturday (7 July) along with Membership Coordinator Jennifer Boyle. Please feel free to come and talk to them about how they can assist you with your career.
True - you are all professional and, by default, you're therefore a professional body - however, within the context of the SOE professional body refers to a professional membership body (ie, those that allow you to put letters after your name and offer CPD). For those outside the engineering field (so, non-REME for here) its probably not something you'll ever come across and there are few examples that I know of for other industries (although journalism has it through NCTJ).

Hope that helps clarify things a little. Have a good day...I'm off to get a large black coffee.

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