Military Book of the Year 2008 Shortlist

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Murielson, Mar 7, 2008.

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    The following have been nominated for the British Army Military Book of the Year 2008 award:

    Swords and ploughshares: bringing peace to the 21st Century

    Absolute war: Soviet Russia in the Second World War

    3 Para, Afghanistan, Summer 2006

    Four weeks in May: the loss of HMS Coventry - a Captain’s story

    Nemesis: the battle for Japan, 1944-45

    Eight lives down: the story of a counter-terrorist bomb-disposal operator’s tour in Iraq

    Fateful choices: Ten decisions that changed the world, 1940-1941

    Tip and run: the untold tragedy of the Great War in Africa

    Napoleon as a general

    Washington’s war: from independence to Iraq
  2. Beggar it!! I take it mine isn't up for the award then?!?!?! Mind you it may not even be in the library!!!!Damn. 8O
  3. As long as Chris Hunters work of fiction doesn't get it.
    Absolute war: Soviet Russia in the Second World War

    3 Para, Afghanistan, Summer 2006

    has to be out of these two surely?
  5. I read it and thought it was a "bit" Warry, what up with it?
  6. When I saw the thread title I intended proposing Mike Rose's book Washington's War, of which he signed a copy for me- so very pleased to see it made the shortlist. Rose is just about the soundest chap on the planet and if our esteemed and powerful leaders would read/listen to what he has to say perhaps the US and it's lapdog would be making better choices.
    So for the most valuable contribution to military affairs via literature in 2008 it has to be this book and this great man.
  7. I'll second that , well said!
  8. I read it and liked it.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    c'mon - spill!
  10. i read it and enjoyed it also....whats the crack dingerr??
    i think 3 para was a better read though!
  11. I concur.
    Has his ghost-writer bigged-him-up a tad too much?
  12. the bit where he ran into the hospital past the VBIED was a bit 'stallone' for my liking....could have happened though!
  13. I'm all for books about the military - but I can't stand officers bullshtting about their heroics.

    The problem with this shortlist is that it gives credibility and respectability to a book that doesn't deserve it. Defence should not be promoting one man's ego and a ghost writer's imagination.

    That said, there are a couple of excellent books on the list and I hope they win it.
  14. Ed Paice's book is probably not going to win it or be bigged up on here, because the East African campaign is not "sexy" unless, paradoxically, you have read it up. However I have to say his book on theGreat War's African chapter is absolutely amazing. Some of the exploits - on both sides - make the LRDG and the SAS look pretty pappy by comparison.

    The "naval" dimension to the war is by itself totally gob-smacking.

    So I'm voting for Paice.

    (Best thing about 3 Para - picture on the cover...poor effort and very sensationalist unlike the 3 Para effort!)
  15. Just as a bit of a bump:

    Voting opens on Monday 2 June 2008 and closes on Friday 5 September 2008, with the winner announced in October. The presentation to the winner will be made at the Prince Consort's Library, Aldershot.