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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Punk_trooper, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. I signed up to my local library to get some books on service and the SAS and started to read The Shooting Gallery by Gaz Hunter, its an excellent book with some good (if not sickening: see chapter 16) incite into life in the army.

    Just curious if anyone can recommend any other good non-fiction military books, not ones on weapon specs but real life testaments for whats really happened during various conflicts.

    Cheers People 8)
  2. Dambusters, Think its by Paul Brickhill

    Standing by to be corrected :)
  3. Moved by me into here as its the more appropriate place. I'm a little dubious however the topic will get crayoned over in the Naafi.
  4. Punk,

    If you want to read some stories that will make you feel sick then you are more than welcome to click on Pull Up a Sandbag below... it was launched last Friday... if you are a strawberry mivvie then it may not be for you, but it does give an 'ahem' - 'interesting' :? outlook on time served in the Military...
  5. excellent thanks guys, i feel reading these books is one of the best ways to whittle away the time waiting for med forms and ADSC!!! not really looking for sick stories but chapter 16 in the shooting gallery is dealing with the Afgan/russian war in the mid 80's and what the afgans did to their POW's is pretty nasty, cant really blame them though after what the ruskies did to multiple towns with hinds and mig, commi b4st4rds....

    Thanks for moving the topic boney

    Is Gaz Hunter really as much of a legend as the book is portraying?? anyone heard of him??

    Thanks guys
  6. Ah! Punk,

    Well our Stories aren't quite the same as sick torture stories but one story does involve a British Squaddie and a Squaw who (after his encounter with her/it) has traumatized him for life 8O
  7. ill have to badger the mrs to let me buy a copy!!! thanks for the heads-up on it, looks like a great book!
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Never mind its having been discredited as a work of fact, Bravo 20 clearly had a squaddy writing it and my laughing as I read it on holiday one year spoiled it for the family.