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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by babesandboys, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. We are looking for the sexiest babes and Hunks the British military has to offer for 2 new calendars we are producing for 2008. We have been producing calendars for over 5 years now and have titles including British University Babes and 100% Real Nurses. This year we are adding 100% Real Military Babes and 100% Real Military Hunks to our range. So if you are think your sexy enough to adorne thousands of walls all over the world apply now to be in the calendars. Email for more info.

  2. With or without undercarriage on display ?
  3. age limit...can we hold guns..
  4. Do I get a % of the sales????
  5. Put me down for June, I'll send you some shots of my signature "hold open" pose.
  6. If you can send me free copy of 100% real nurse I will use it as, er, reseach into this subject.
  7. Classy! Chewing on a savaloy.
  8. That Chavs callender was ace. Had in my kitchen last year. Some lovely hoes.
  9. No undercarriage, topless for guys, lingerie would be the most revealing for the girls, most likely in uniforms!

    Oh and yes you can hold guns
  10. Didnt I see that up in your office?
  11. and what percentage goes to the RBL for this?
  12. I think this needs a bit of vetting. Any babes out there who fancy sending there pics in should post them on here first so me and the rest of the lads can judge their wortheness for inclusion.
  13. They're are no babes in the British Army.
  14. I would put my name forward, IF and when I get an offer to join the services - hopefully in the next few months lol, my body is RIPPED, but shame about the FACE though ROFL