Military Attaches?

Living about 25 N and on the Tropic of Cancer, I've noticed that our good and great FCO has always posted a Fleet Air Arm personage as the Mil attache to this part of the Globe.
Is this:-
A) to save money as they don't need any "blue jobs" as the Andrew know best about falling out of the sky into the briny?
B) to save money as they don't need any Pongoes, as the Andrew once knew a marine who's granny was a para?
C) The FCO don't know jacksh*t, and MOD haven't got the cojones to enlighten them?

BTW - Merry Christmas to all, I believe we'll be playing a few Ship's Companies at the Rugby club on Boxing day!



War Hero
What I have noticed is that the Royal Artillery seem to have an edge on getting the job.

On an average I have never seen such a bunch of useless bar stewards in my whole life.

What a lot of blown up princesses who should have been consigned to the bedding store or early retirement and a sad indictment of Britain and its Officers.

Sack the lot of them


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