Military approves EU Chad mission

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fantassin, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Military approves EU Chad mission

    Military officials have approved a European peacekeeping force in Chad and the Central African Republic.
    The contingent will have the task of protecting refugees from Darfur and people displaced by internal fighting.

    EU ministers will still have to rubber-stamp the 3,500-strong force in time for a launch in early February.

    Diplomats said that a shortfall of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft had been solved by further contributions from France, Belgium and Poland.

    Repeated delays

    The mission has been delayed several times since November 2007, but a French government spokesman said on Thursday that President Nicolas Sarkozy had authorised additional resources to help "unblock" the situation.

    The Italian government has also offered to provide a hospital.

    Chiefs of staff and EU ambassadors will consider the plans which are then likely to go before an EU Council of Ministers meeting at the end of January.

    Friday's military meeting in Brussels was chaired by Irish commander Lieutenant General Pat Nash who is due to run the operation from its headquarters near Paris.

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    Interesting to see that at the same time the French Gvt is commiting more of the army's already scarce ressources to yet another Op while talking about drastic reductions of its format.

    Several yet to be named regiments are expected to be disbanded in the coming months (especially artillery units, with MLRS and ADA taking the brunt of the cuts).

    Austrians, swedes, belgians, irish, poles, italians, slovenes and probably a few others should also be present in Chad until the UN takes over next year.
  2. Thank fcuk Bliar isn't president sorry prime minister otherwise our Forces would have another task to assist in his neverending search for vanity and glory.
  3. We wont go, theres no oil there!
  4. Pack your grip
  5. fcuk maybe we will then
  6. Shame they couldn't find them or those 3,500 troops for the 'stan earlier in the year.
  7. The French won't be sending their own troops in, but will no doubt use the French Foreign Legion, who have had a presence in the region for years.
  8. Your are living on last century's informations; the French units that will be sent over there are not FFL units at all. The whole of the French forces are now regular and the French Bn sent over there should be coming from the Mountain brigade and the naval infantry brigade.

    The FFL (which is over 50% French BTW) has currently only got a Coy size unit in Chad.

    As for oil, only two countries are pumping it in Chad; Malaysia (Petronas) and the USA. No EU country is involved in the oil industry there.
  9. Oh yes there is! The Mondouli basin is now connected to the Atlantic via a piepline through Cameroon. Production sharing agreement between ExxonMobil, Petronas, CNOC and the Chadians (i think).