Military and police face further spending cuts.

I rather thought we were at the Blue Peter toilet roll, and sticky backed tape stage already!
Noticed the international support budget is still hanging in there.
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Perhaps, VanMan, there is a joined up increment of solution.

Introduce a new law of eviction for rent arrears enforceable by police. (As per Australia ?) Then when IDS insists on giving housing benefits direct to benefits tenants (Universal Credit) and they nick the rent every month ? You see that is an attack on the tax revenue generated by govt (see link). Plus every tenant eventually evicted under the current ponderous County Court system becomes the responsibility of local authorities to house (adding to the burden on the diminishing public purse).

Whereas by changing the law, thus needing more police, govt tax revenue is safeguarded, additional calls by parasites ion public funding are avoided, and the tax generating private rental sector continues to serve society by housing the most verminous feral examples of homegrown crap idle humanity.

Heaven to a private landlord is a working tenant.
Cue comment, expressing commendable sentiments, on the other hand benefits scrounging rent arrears tenants could be used for live target practice by an expanding Army. By shooting the household of my tenants there would be an immediate saving to the public purse of about £30,000 per annum. Shoot enough and Osborne's books would balance.

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