Military Aid To the Civil Community (MACA) a la 1970s

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. I seem to remember volunteering in the summer of 1977 to assist, somewhere in the Rhine/Moselle area, the Germans to harvest grapes. This activity was counted as duty, and although hard work, paid a few DM per day, counted as field conditions, all with the added bonus, each night, of as much wine as you could absorb.

    Can't, for the life of me remember, what the Ex was called, if indeed it ever had a name. What I do remember, however, is that it certainly beat more recent delivery of MACA/MACC, particularly the foot and mouth epidemic, the floods, the firefighters spat, and the fuel tanker strike. Will we ever see it's like again?
  2. No - for the simple reason that HMG has really got its act together in this area. Current MOD policy is that the MOD will not provide assets to support major ops except as a last resort.
    JDP2-02 is the bible on this subject and has been very widely distributed and is also on the internet on the JDCDC website.

    The MOD has spent a lot of time and effort making clear to the first responders that we are no longer at their beck and call, and that they need to sort their lives out, and not have a disaster recovery plan that reads "Call MOD and let them sort out our mess". This has gotten through to most people now, and hopefully the days of MACA have died forever apart from the odd national emergency.
  3. All very authoratative; why then do I feel you've pi$$ed on someone's chips?
    Are you a CA, CO or EO :)
  4. In a very recent previous existence, I was heavily involved in UK Ops policy and trying to spread the word to people who were reluctant to accept the word that MACA as we understood it was dead...
  5. As a former G3/G5(Ops) man. The end of an era :cry:
  6. Probably the 'party' line, but I can see the influence of the USA creeping in there. I spend enough time telling Americans that no matter how you conjugate the verb 'to get', you should never end up with 'gotten', I would have thought that someone British who can quote MoD policy would know that as well.
  7. Quite right - Clearly my implant chip has kicked in again to get me speaking American policy "There is WMD in Iraq", "Iran is Bad", "Gotten not Got". Alternatively it could be that this late at night, whilst waiting for a phone call and killing time, I'm not particularly worried about got / gotten etc, but would like to get my point across?