Militaries recruiting children as young as 15...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by lady-fingers, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Not only British Army but Militaries around the world are and have recruited children as young as 15 and even younger. These innocent roses are recruited into the army and then exposed to the extreme violence on the name of military culture and squaddie humar. these kids who mostly belong to deprived background are brainwashed to a point where they do not see a life outside of military. Please bear in mind these kids aint makin teas and coffees in the army. please have your say, as this is an important issue and please be civilised. Moderators, please do not delete this thread as this is an important issue.

    much appreciated...

    We want peace, we want to look for other ways of resolving conflicts, and we do not want squaddie humar, violence, so uncool, we want everyone to be nice. Is it possible?
  2. ARRSE is quite possibly the worst website on which you could choose to post this. Just sayin', await the (deserved) incoming.
  3. What about the drummer boys and buglers of the boar war and 14 year old AT soldiers all through WW2 and after it, that's what I say!

    By the way, are you the creature commonly know as 'Chubb'?
  4. A study, funded by a Leftwing trust

    Just about says it all really. LF, why not do the decent thing and go forth. If you hate the military that much, why come to a military site? Go and take this crap somewhere where people actually care about your opinions.

    And as for this part "Britain is the only EU state to recruit military personnel as young as 16."
    This is because we recruit from that age voluntarily unlike most of Liberal Left Wing Europe that decrees that at 18 you must do National Service
  5. I'll get the popcorn.

  6. One have to get into the water to take a shower lovey :)
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  8. Can you make it a shower in a block somewhere like Belsen then please :D
  9. I'd say it's more dangerous and more violent on the streets of the UK today for kids, with gang culture, stabbing, shootings, drink & drugs etc. Where would you want your kid to be... Army Cadets learing respect, discipline, skills for adult life etc?, or stood on a street corner getting into trouble and mugging old ladies? No brainer really :roll:
  10. Oxford English Dictionary definition of 'Infantry'

    [a. F. infanterie, ad. It. (Sp., Pg.) infanteria foot-soldiery, f. infante a youth, foot-soldier:L. infntem INFANT n.1 For the development of the It. infante cf. the apocopated form fante ‘a man or woman servant or attendant; also, a footman or soldier seruing on foot; also the knaue or varlet at cards’ (Florio); cf. also the history of footman, groom, knave, knight, lad, etc. By Sylvester stressed (nfæntr). Sense 2 is from INFANT n.1 sense 1.]

    My bold.

    Why does this seem to surprise you? People who want to win wars need soldiers who are young, fit and aggressive. If the opposition was made up of the fat, lame and lazy, they lost.

    This ain't a moral or ethical question. It's simple evolution in action. The fact that people now have the liberty to criticise the recruitment of child soldiers overlooks the fact that that particular liberty was bought for them with the blood of child soldiers. Other people haven't won that luxury yet, so they are still using the most effective weapon available to them.- The kiddy soldier.

    Do I smell journalist here?

  11. Hardly - given her spelling and grammar...
  12. We don't even use child soldiers for god's sake. All deployed personnel must be at least eighteen years of age.
  13. we used to send them up chimneys too...are you posting leftie drivel on the Association of British Chimney sweeps website as well??

    Editted to add BOTH my older children are ACF and love every minute of it, and if they decide a life in the forces is for them, will get no arguement from me!
  14. Lets not let fact get in the way of leftie truths now dear boy... ;)
  15. BTW the op gives its occupation as 'Prostitute'.

    How quaint.