Militaria...Uniform buyers?

eBay dealer called "Hogspear". I'll see if I can find his card. Specialises in nice collectible uniform sets and seems quite reputable.

P.s. if your stuff includes anything like a para smock, take care that you're offered a proper price....
If it's in useable order, my cadets would appreciate it. They wear Blues when performing as a Corps of Drums. I'm afraid we couldn't offer you much for it, but would be happy to cover shipping costs?
blonde_guy said:
llech said:
blonde_guy said:
llech said:
Can't you just cut out the middle man and stick it on E-Bay?
I think that might be what I end up doing given some of the feedback I've been given from dealers.
Out of interest what do you have, if you wan't to tell us?
Its a set of 1950s No. 1s.....seems too nice to simply send to someones fancy dress box

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