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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by old_bloke, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Anybody know of a good militaria site. I rember 10 years ago you could sell all sorts on E bay but not now.

    I know a widow who wants to get rid of a superb collection.

    Any help appreciated

  2. out of interest, what does the collection consist of?
  3. WW2 collection, mines, grenades, bullets, uniforms, Recovered weapons ( ground dug and recovered from the sea, Schmiser and 30 cal bowing fo example.) fuses , documents i.e German WW 2 on how to build a defensive position. He only used to ask me about the munitions (**** knows why) but I suspect he also dabbled in , lets say Uncle A's collectibles. I will find out next weekend. He did spend a lot of time and cash , travelling to Germany, Italy, Belgium as well as buying many artifacts from Ebay.

    Will post pics next week I hope.

    For example what would a British No 69 sell for he had/has 5 or 6 ?
  4. There are some specialist websites for disposal of this, especially German militaria, some german stuff really does fetch top dollar, especially the rarer stuff, some badges alone can fetch 150 to 200 pounds, uniforms if they are in good nick will also fetch good money. There are websites that sell this kind of stuff that are aimed at the states, the yanks seem to pay stupid money, i have seen a SS panzer officers cap go for 300 pounds. For the british stuff ebay can sometimes be good, the best advice i can give in regards to selling the kit on ebay is to do some research, click completed listings, that will give you the value of each sold item in green, you can then work out an average price and look at why one item has sold for more then others that are listed. usualy its due to a good descrition and a clear photo. Not sure on time frames you have for disposing of this sort of stuff but if you get the chance, do some research on it, for example a set of british WW1 medals, alone may make 30 - 50 pounds, with some research you could double it. i once sold a single victory medal for 75 pounds, i looked up CWGC and found he had been killed at ypes and then researched the regimental history for that conflict and included it all in the sale.

    Ebay is not so good for the german stuff though, they have some weird rules regarding german militaria, if someone is offended they can report you and the listing is removed. however they do sell coins and medals on there and some other propoganda materials and they seem to fetch fairly decent money, a leather luftwaffe belt with some phots made me 96 pounds, i was sellling it for my grandfather as he wanted the money for something else, i could of possibly made more for it but it was a quick sale and he had the money within the week.

    Another possiblity is to check the big auction sites, they often have militaria auctions, this will cost abit more in fees but you can sometimes realise the full potential in terms of price, minus commisions, might be worth a look for the rarer stuff and also if you have a tight deadline to offload this sort of stuff/

    I'll be honest, i'm not so sure about the munitions side of things, i know there are collectors of battlefield damaged stuff and people who specialise in metal detecter finds, i'm sure a quick search on google will yield some results.

    have a look at these sites as a starter to give you some examples of the sort of money you can expect to reach

    Fallen Eagle


    Third Reich Depot, military collectables, World War II, Nazi Germany
  5. Found these site's through google:

    Deactivated Weapons For Sale – MILWEB Classifieds

    WWII British No69 Grenade - Allied Deactivated Guns - Deactivated Guns

    No 69 selling for £95
  6. Im looking forward to seeing some pics!
  7. This is a little worrying. I've lost count of how many times EOD teams have turned up to look at "Grandad's stuff found in the attic". The owners have then been somewhat shocked when their "Inert" collection is found to be still Live and the AT has destroyed it. There's been at least 1 "Expert" collector who blew himself to bits while applying a Black and Decker to clean up stuff that he'd collected from WW1 sites. Other than safety, sending items like this through the post is likely to result in legal action.

  8. I agree 100% and Im not touching anything just going to look.

    The old chap was a serious collector who,pre Military ban on E-bay bought a lot of stuff from there. As I said he also toured Europe going to dealers etc.

    I am going to have a look but have already told the old dear through a mutual friend that a lot of the stuff will probably be lost a sea again. (A .30 cal Browing that spent 60 years in the oggin and then 7 in his shed rusting is something nobody wants.)
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I dont know, I'd look after them for him!
  10. From the Post office site.


    Any chemical compound, mixture or device capable of producing an explosive-pyrotechnic effect, with substantial instantaneous release of heat and gas. This includes ammunition, blasting caps, fireworks, flares, fuses, igniters and nitroglycerine.

    Items that appear to be prohibited weapons or explosive ordnance, even if incapable of being used as a weapon, will be subject to closer scrutiny which may cause delay

    So not illegal , thats how the old chap used to get his stuff in the first place.
  11. if your stuck for getting rid of weapons, my firm can prob help out, depending on where you are in UK
  12. Any pics yet?
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  13. Not been there yet but I know he has one of these in about the same condition or better.

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