Militaria - How best to sell my stuff?


I have an extensive collection of medals, uniforms, cloth and metal badges, buttons and oddments that I would like to sell. Please can anyone suggest a reputable dealer, or the best online DIY method for militaria.

Thank you.

There's obviously e-bay, but you need to think about various things;
1) How long will it take to photograph and accurately describe all your items in order to put them on eBay (or any one of the auction websites)? Will you sell them in batches or singly? Do you have an e-bay account and paypal, and if so can you get the money off them? Are you aware of the overheads on eBay, which can be up to 10%? Will you limit the countries you sell you (ie not Italy 'cos nothing ever gets there) and how much will you charge for P&P?
2) Do you have a local militaria fair? If so where and how often and how many dealers attend? Would it be worth taking a stall yourself? Bearing in mind that dealers want to make money off everything they buy will there be a dealer for the type of stuff you take along and will you be offered a fair price?
3) Ditto local antiques shops - same questions as 2) above.
4) Do you have a local auction house and if so does it do militaria sales? What comission would they charge you? Are sales well attended?
5) Would it be worth getting in touch with a specialist like Bosleys? He achieves phenominal prices for really high quality items, but probably won't touch the lower value 'tat'. He has achieved record prices for WW2 Commando items, SAS medals etc

Happy to talk off line (PM) as I've been thinking about 'what ifs' regarding my stuff as well. No final decisions made by me either, but I've achieved some startling results (both up and down) on e-bay.

Ebay as said before will get you the best price as long as it's described correctly.

SPEEDBID internet auction house for military collectables is also used by a lot of medal people, I think the fee's are cheaper but gets less of an audience.

Are the items all related? Collectors generally like all related items kept together rather than split up.
However splitting up may get you a better price.
You're not selling off your 1157, are you...
Militaria fairs don't really offer good money from my experience. As Fally suggested Ebay is a good start for general militaria.

For more specialised stuff such as medals I would suggest someone like Neate Auctions.

Out of curiosity, what medals do you have? I have been known to collect the occassional medal ;-)
Forgot to mention - if you are going to do the DIY selling online make sure your descriptions are accurate and that you supply plenty of GOOD photographs (don't use a mobile phone).

If the listing is no good you won't realise anywhere near the true value.
Ahhh..But you are not allowed to sell Nazi memorabilia on ebay ;)

A lot depends on what it is to tell the truth. For example, Scottish kit fetches a fortune in the US and Japan and certain regiments command even higher proces on ebay. But ebay is certainly the preferred route.

Do you need to get rid of it because you want the cash, or is it because you are running out of space? If the later, regimental museums and the like would greatfully display your stuff on long term loan.
I dunno, but a quick look at ebay auctions have revealed that whatever you sell, add:" SAS, SBS, Para, RMC, Commando" and its bound to fetch twice the price.
Thanks for all replies and pms.

I though ebay would be tedious. Never done it so I am going to have to learn!

No, I am not selling my 1157, although some elements of my 1157 are actually antiques... knife, clasp, spike, anyone?
No, I am not selling my 1157, although some elements of my 1157 are actually antiques... knife, clasp, spike, anyone?
Antique? I've got one, that would make me ancient...

...I've got an issue hairbrush with a WD arrow and a 1945 manufacturers stamp on it, although I was issued it in 1976 (at age 9, don't ask)...

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