Militaria for Sale/Trade

I have been cleing my cupboards and have found soe items that would fit your collecting/reenacting/walting needs

What I have found so far:

US Forces:
"Original Tiger Stripe" Advisors pattern BDU (Hat, Trs, Shirt). Size small but will fit up to 32/33'' (snugly) waist, chest up to 41'', Hat size 56 or so. Excellent Condition. Asking 20 GBP + P&P
M1956 LBE (Grade 1/2 everything works). 2 ammo pouches, 1 pistol belt, suspenders (all canvas) Asking 15 GBP + P&P
M1956 Butt Pack, New Old Stock, Canvas with rubberized liner. Asking 10 GBP + P&P
3 color DCU Jacket, original, badged to Captain, SOCOM, CIB, Wings, etc. Grade 1. Asking 18 GBP + P&P
Jungle Fatigues Jacket, Ripstop, repro, G1, badged to Captain, incorrect USAF parawings and rank, rest of the patches OK, badged to 5th SF Gp. Asking 15 + P&P

Other Forces:
Rhodesian Bush Jacket, Camo, SIze a smallish medium (but not really small). Slightly faded but still good. Buttons seem to be all there. Bought at the (now defunct) Kauffman's of NYC (near Times Sqaure). Asking 25 GBP+ P&P

Items are to be dispatched from Argentina, via airmail. Will consider trading for DPM clothinng and PLCE gear (not webtex, highlander is OK though)

Shipping via airmail is not THAT expensive, 3 kgs is around 35 GBP, can be sustantially cheaper if under 1 kg, and 2 kgs or so is around 18 GBP.

PM if interested. I can also get Argentine militaria, but I don't see any of you interested in that (save for reenactment purposes... walting as an Argie soldier in the UK is something I have yet to see)

Also found a M1967 ERDL camo jungle jacket, size medium, average fading, small rip to left elbow, pink marks on collar (look like USMC rank holes)

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