Militaria Expert/Knowledgeable Person

My first post in this section as I'm some what of a novice in this area.

Anyhow, at a guess, like a fair few people on this forum I'm a fan of Militaria items/memorabilia.

My dad recently gave me a pocket watch from one of the world wars which I'm keen to try and find out a bit more about, history, valuation etc.

He's not sure of the history of it himself so I was wondering if there was someone I could PM to send a few pictures of the watch to try and get a bit of information on it.

If anyone could point me in the direction of someone (individual, business, website or anything) who might be able to help that would be great. Thanks
Is it a ‘Services’ pocket watch by chance?

I have a WWI issue one that still keeps good time.

You can find out more info on these and other watches in general on the Watch Forum:

Services Pocket Watch - The Watch Forum

(And no I’m not a member)
Thanks for the replies fella's.

As far as I'm aware it does indeed appear to be a 'Services' watch and it does still keep good time! Quite surprising given some of the naff crap I've worn over the years which has broken.

Will have a look around the links

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