Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by General Melchett, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    It's nearly that time again chaps.

    Militaria 2007 at Stoneleigh, 28 Jan.

    Loads of geeks buying old military junk. Superb.

    If anyone is going then PM if you want to geek it up over a brew.
  2. You can come over and geek all over my stand if you want, at D5 :wink:
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I'll pop over and say "Hi".
  4. I shall be there having a mooch around the stalls. I was disapointed last year in the lack of good american WW2 gear -probaly because i have already bought it.
    I may be tempted by a nice original M1 Carbine if i can find one.
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    Might see you there again eh? RV at Fallingplate?

    You thought you couldn't find anything try looking for WW1 brit gear.
  6. Bondi- Babe-Magnet Try 'Gerry & Martins Guns are Us' they have loads of M1 Carbines in fields, just waiting to be collected
  7. Do any of the stand's do authentic, real - original WW2 Wehrmacht and SS stuff?

    Longish way to drive for a look about with no real aim...
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yes, there will loads of it with some european dealers selling.
  9. Try Richard Underwood's stall, he is one of the UK's best know and respected dealers in WWII German militaria. He is usually in hall one, can't remember what stall number he has though.

    Try this link for his website:
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Nearly time. This sunday promises to be superb as ever.

    See you all there at D5 12.30hrs?
  11. bugger cant make it shame-will try for beltring...have a great show...
  12. May be late, am travelling from South East so hopefully :thumright:
  13. Good show actually. Not as large as in previous years though. Being old and half blind I didn't see a plan of the stalls, so sorry even though I arrived about 11.30hrs didn't find out where D5 was sorry FP :roll:

    What I did see though was some knob walking around wearing the full SS black party uniform with medals, jackboots, the lot! :omfg:

    The tunic was too fcuking short for him - he'd got to be a good 6'3" - totally tasteless and I do hope some vet managed to smack him before he left the show!
  14. Feck, didn't know this was on. Only ten minutes from my house too.
  15. Naice meeting General Melchett, as luck would have it my group won the best diorama display prize!