Militant smoker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by donmac, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. He's lucky that the HSE didn't charge him with failing to wear hard hat, goggles, ear defence, vibration-damping gloves and chainsaw-resistant trousers. And failing to submit a Method Statement and Risk Assessment that almost certainly would require the provision of an exclusion zone, drip tray, spill kit, etc. He could have been looking at a really severe sentence.
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  2. That lad was determined to clock him with that beer barrel.
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  3. None of that matters as long as he wasn't endangering people's health by smoking.
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  4. Hes lucky that mob didn't stamp him flat and the fucking cock deserved it.
  5. I like the feller that has the flying kick to the back that finally takes him down looks proud after.
  6. Yet another precious chavmong cnut who can't deal with being told 'No' many more of the feckers are there out there?
  7. What they need is a Police Commissioner who will stamp down on this sort of thing.I wonder who could take on such an important role?
  8. I like some of the comments in the article. Especially the one bout him being out of his tree and half cut!

    Can't believe the skip licking mong only got 3 years.
  9. That looks like the sort of thing that would happen around Sinner's way :)
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  10. Was there a sign on the door saying "It is against the law to use chainsaws in this establishment"?
  11. At least he wasnt, er, chainsmoking.

    Hat, Parka, snowshoes. I'll walk home.
  12. 3 years for storming into a pub with a chainsaw and giving someone 21 stiches? Good to see the systems working.