Militant Muslims demonstrate at Pope's event

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bigeye, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. The world's media covered the anti-Pope demonstration which included some 12,000 peaceful participants. There were very large number of camera crews filming the event hfowever ew of them noticed the 50 strong group of militant Muslims gathered by Wellington's Memorial and armed with megaphones. The Police had put themselves between the Catholics leaving Hyde Park and the screaming, taunting black clad militants Muslims. This angry group consisted of masked adults, placard waving kids and a group of about 15 women in full burkhas. All of them were intent on advising the throng of Christians that Allah was the one true God and that anyone who said different was in big trouble.

    Having filmed them from the front as they screamed abuse and anti-Christian rhetoric at the crowd leaving the park I went behind the group to get some shots from within the mass of screaming Allah-botherers.

    Next thing I know I'm surrounded by bearded shouting loonies telling me that I'm not allowed to enter their area...
    Apparently it's closed to non-believers. This is of course is on the green that surrounds Wellington's memorial.
    I asked them what they were on about and suggested that we discussed this ban on my right to walk in a Royal Park with the cops- as I moved forward I was grabbed by a bloke with a 'steward' arm-band. He ranted and threatened a bit and after being asked by me to calm down - told me I was a dead man. He then tried to put the nut on me in a very sad and ineffective manner. It was comical - and as I pointed out to him - it was clear he had never tried to head-butt anyone before.

    Things took a turn for a worse and I was shoved around a bit until the plod turned up. Despite the fact I had been assaulted, threatened and pushed about, the old bill told me to leave the area. I explained that as far as I was concerned a protester with an arm-band, no matter what his religion shouldn't be able to dictate where I can and cannot go with in a Royal park.

    In the scuffle that ensued as I left the area it was made clear to me that reason that I had upset these ****-wits was because I had dared to stand too close (about 3m) to the women in their group - and being that I was a filthy non-Muslim I was disrespecting them. These were the same hooded harridans that were abusing the Catholics leaving the Pope's shindig whilst wearing the Burkahs.

    This happened today, Saturday, but you won't see any of the above on the television in the UK as it's a 'little sensitive', despite the fact I was filming though-out the incident.

    This sort of stuff is normally like water of the proverbial duck's back and all in a days work - but I have to say I would gladly like to hurt the little ****** in the armband.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Stick the film on you tube so we can see it

    Don't know why one set of dress wearing kiddie shaggers would get upset with a dress wearing kiddie shagger but it's a strange world we live in

  3. I can't - I don't have the tapes and in any case they belong to the broadcaster ( a very large one) I was working for.
  4. I assume your employer shows MI5 such footage so they can check each bearded loon is in their database (and probably their employment)?
  5. You keep forgetting this is England and muslim trash are above the Laws that normal human beings have to obey.

    Other than the muslims in the Armed Forces & Emergency Services, as far as I'm concerned the only good muslim is a dead one.
  6. The police cameraman/photographer was filming them all as well - although as I mentioned a lot of them were wearing scarves or Burkas.

    I've no idea whether th broadcaster I was working for yesterday would comply with a request from the Security Service - although I know that they used to have an 'office' within the broadcaster's main building many years ago.
  7. If these Muslims dont like the way we do things in the UK why dont they **** off to a Muslim country , sorry forgot they like the freedom and the benefit system we have here
  8. Are you suggesting you deliberately provoked this situation to obtain footage for your employer?
  9. So there were 12,000 protesters at this march and 'bigeye' decides to concentrate on 50. No 'agenda' there then...
  10. Correct no agenda - We had already covered the large event. The smaller protest occurred later - I was ready to PUFFO but was sent to shoot the Muslims.

    Funnily enough I have no editorial control over one of the world's largest broadcasters being that I'm only the camerman. As I've already mentioned - the footage will not be seen as it was deemed too sensitive - so what was the agenda then?

  11. I'm not suggesting that. As I mentioned I was going about my normal work in the London, not Beirut, Pakistan or Iraq, and did not expect to get hassled. I maybe should have left the area a bit quicker than I did but I defy anyone to state that they would have meekly obeyed this sort of ranting twat when he's doing his hardman act.
  12. ..."screaming, taunting black clad militants Muslims"..."intent on advising the throng of Christians that Allah was the one true God and that anyone who said different was in big trouble"..."they screamed abuse and anti-Christian rhetoric"..." screaming Allah-botherers"..." bearded shouting loonies"..."hooded harridans"..."these ****-wits".

    Good to read you are a detached, objective observer in the journalist tradition.

    So, the Muslims objected to you filming them, the Police told you to move on. A "scuffle" then ensued - with the Muslims or the Police?
  13. Absolute bollocks of course.

    I'm not a Journalist
    I'm not a Christian
    I was filming a newsworthy event and upset some bigots who objected to a non-muslim standing too close to thier women.

    Is this clear enough for you?
  14. Yes, I understand perfectly, two different types of bigot.

    By the way, you didn't say who the scuffle was with...