Militant clerics attack Army

The Bishops of the Church of England have written to the government criticising the abuse of Iraqis by coalition troops.

Interestingly, BBC tv news this morning were relating the story to 'the behaviour of British troops in Iraq', rather than the coalition, which is the slant given on their website.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is a well-known pinko beardy sandal-wearing PC hand-wringer who has consistently opposed the war. IIRC he, like Bliar, was a CND member; Dr Williams is also a political appointee of Bliar's. This smells very much like pandering to the minorities again.

Since the letter has apparently been written on behalf of all Anglican Bishops after they all met in Liverpol, I will be interested to see the Bishop to the Forces' view.

What do the ARRSE padres think?
The Times has seen the letter and is the main source of this information (I think).

The letter was not written for publication (aye right)
It has the unanimous support of all 120 CofE bishops and was sent on Friday.

It talks about 'Western security forces' breaching international law.

"the enormity of what appears to have been inflicted on those who were in the custody of Western security forces'

It then goes on about Islamophobia in UK and being an honest broker in the "Arab-Israeli conflict" quotes from The Times.
Well here we go again!!!! This opinion should have some out weeks ago when the maltreatment of prisonners first came to light - not now when all it does is stir up the mud again and make people think that every soldier out there is going out of his/her way to mistreat prisonners. i believe it is very irresponsible of them to print this letter at this time. they don't seem to consider the effectsit is going to have on the troops and the Iraquis.

am I surprised by the letter ----- NO!
Did the bishops object to the mistreatment of the CF troops by the Iranians??? ( forced confessions, being paraded on camera etc)

Thought not.

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