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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Signallers, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Im looking out for some military supplies including

    dmin Pouches
    CS95/CS95 MTP,
    Field Packs
    Webbing Pouches
    Yokes, Boots
    Under Armour
    Rank Slides.

    Basically im looking to see if anyone is selling any kit, im in need of a Spring Clean of my supplies, im not in the Real Army as of yet just in case anyone says i should go to CQMS or whatever!

    But i am to do with the Army Cadet Force and my local Army Surplus doesn't have what i need nor my cadet CQMS so i am asking if anyone has any of these supplies and could offer me anything?

    I haven't got too much to spend but i can offer or if you wanted to Donate, because im also looking to supply a few cadets at my Detachment also!
    If you know anywhere cheap as well online but im not too keen buying on e-bay as the last few things i ordered didn't arrive!
  2. Do you like children ?
  3. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Im nearly 17, no beard, glasses yet!