Miliband, what have you done?



Ed miliband announcing that he believed that the Iraqi invasion was wrong will only generate negativity, most noticeably to the veterans who took part in that conflict, Our service men and women who were killed or wounded in that conflict, and those now suffering psychological mental illness, will now all feel betrayed with his admission that the government of the day was wrong to invade Iraq.
Worse still, what sort of message does this send to our military in Afghanistan if government is not 100% sure of itself if we should be there or not?
This fool is trying to Air brush the invasion of Iraq under the carpet with a stroke of his pen! ......... If only life was that simple Ed.
And as for that clown Harriot clapping away, leaves a lot to be desired visa vi Our Government and its military.

Brilliant start Ed ...... I can see a rosy future for you in politics.
I'm sure the German soldier of May 1945 felt similarly 'betrayed' when Hilter told tehm all that they were getting what they dererved ....

And the lads in Aden when we pulled out ..............

What about Northern Ireland ?

I think you underestimate the resiliance of our service personnel as well as the reasons many join up in the first place. How many people joined up to fight for a worthy crusade in Iraq ?

PTSD is not caused by politicians telling what must be said is (for once) the truth.

I am not the only person on ARRSE who would like to see BLiar in the dock over taking us into an illegal war and killing both our service personnel and Iraqi cilvilians. Lying about it ain't going to help anyone.

Outrage bus back in garage please ! :)

I was there, on numerous occasions. TBH, despite not giving a fcuk what the rubber faced gimp says, I already felt betrayed, because on a personal level I felt it was wrong - I didn't need this buffoon or his cronies to reiterate that for me.
I think Eddwurst is right. It is patently obvious that we shouldn't have been there, and despite Bliar's wriggling more than a ticklish snake it is also clear that we were there under false pretences. Most Squaddies are intelligent enough to work this out. That Milliband is the first to 'officially' admit that it was a mistake can only be honest- insofar as a politician can be, in his case he is at least partially using it to break with Blairism.

Betrayed by politicians, and let down by Civil Servanmts and especially the MOD - now there is a first.


Should he have lied about it? Or perhaps in this major speech being watched by millions around the country, just not have mentioned one of the major decisions of the last Government?
It isn't going to endear him to the old guard but most of them are now trying to blame somebody else or going into "a big boy done it and ran off" mode. A pat on the back for speaking the truth and giving his arrsehole brother a public kicking.