Miliband urges talks with Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    David Miliband, on orders from the TRAITOR Gordon Brown has said that, rather than defeating ours and the Afghan enemy, the Taliban, we must capitulate to them, and allow them to help rule the Afghan people.

    Labour says we can and we must do business with those Pakistani and other nationalities who kill and oppress the Afghan people, at the same time as killing coalition forces.

    Traitors, Liars and Thieves

    My bold.

    Yes, folks, that's right. The government is saying that, rather than spending the money they've denied their own forces for 12 years, they'd rather lose the war by capitulating to the jihadist murderers who, by the government's own spin, are a direct threat to the UK.

    This will provide cold comfort to the families of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, or the Afghan people who hate them too, or the Pakistanis who've joined in the fight, or the 9/11 victims.

    Miliband and the Labour party figure that it's easier to give in to the [insert any terrorist group you like] than fight for freedom and justice, especially because it involves funding the hated British Army to do the fighting.

    So, the message is clear - got a problem with Britain? Kill civilians, set off bombs and booby-traps, and fly planes into buildings and we will listen, back off and give you what you want.
  2. "Miliband urges talks with Taliban"

    Translation: Cyclops wants to draw down from Afghanistan and make even deeper cuts in the Defence Budget.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Please Mr Taliban can we call it a draw 'cos its getting really expensive.... :x
  4. Anybody smell a vast cauldron of pre-election fudge being cooked up?
  5. did anyone expect anything else? Labour are all about appeasement.
    Next Islam will be the UK's offical religion, a sharia court in every town and every page 3 has to wear a burkha (but obviously she can still get het t!ts out! in accordance with labour equality laws)
  6. Of course. Lord Meddlesome has 'told' McBroone to 'instruct' the Boy Milipede to 'Make a Statement'. However, on past track-record and Liar-bring's previous 'History', all this will be is a 'Big Statement'. It would be surprising if it amounted to much. Its not the first time a Liarbore minister has spoken thus......"We speak, we mutter, we mumble....!"

    When Tone Blair was 'Dear Leader', he was always making 'Big Statements'..... But then McDoom will probably get government acoylytes to make 'approaches' to the Taliban via the Kharzi government. After all, it was done in Iraq by the US, and UK coalition forces.

    An unpopular war, a general election looming. Labour in meltdown. So it would not be at all surprising if McDoom and pals want to disengage, or at least draw down UK Forces on the grounds of costs and sustainability. In view its been quite a few years since we have been engaged in Afghanistan, and msut have cost a few bob or three.

    This is all assuming that Liarbore think that they will be still in office come May/June 2010.... Delusional methinks!!
  7. 'scuse me. Took the liberty of red penning it for you.
  8. Once more labour doing what labour do best being retardedFcukmonkeys...

    I posted yonks ago that this would be done by labour once they looked in the money cupboard and found only a posit note with a love and kisses note from One Eye

    We had then taken sadly some deaths and casualties but not to the extent that the current numbers that presently stand sadly counted at the Memorial Arboretum and those damaged poorly treated within a Defence medical System that has been used and abused all the name of progress...but no extra money!

    It disgusted me then it disgusts me now that they every day have managed to under fund and over extend with a care to a real plan.

    Still what else should one expect from them!
  9. I would have thought that talking to and spliting the various groupings away from the core Taliban is the only way to finish this?

    Granted any negotiations should be conducted from a position of military strength, but ultimately a negotiated settlelment is the only way to end this and the boys are helping to create the conditions to do so.

    As I see it the only alternative route to a 'successful' outcome is genocide. I think most agree that is a bit too naughty.
  10. Silliband can talk all he wants to the Talyman, but the fact is, these people only understand and respect the hard use of force, so perhaps we are using enough in spite of all the kit thats being used out there at the mo. Maybe Agent Orange needs to be used a'la Cambodia and Vietnam, kill of the Poppy and bang goes Terry,s revenue.

    Of course I,m only taking a simplistic stand, what do I know.

    Standing by for incoming. :? :? :? :?
  11. ..and our best chance to get a large % of Afghan's on side.
  12. Yes but that should have been the core of the policy way back on 2001... :x not letting it get thrown to one side when the Shrub decided he was bored and want to go get Sadam... :x and call me Tony just hoped along like the festering sore of shite that he is ... :x
  13. We dont know that for certain......... do we?
  14. The deliberate invocation of Northern Ireland as an example of some sort of quick fix is utter rubbish.

    That particular "peace process" has taken over 20 years. Negotiations were in hand when Labour were elected in 1997.

    What on Earth is this all about? "Current insurgents" will create whatever society and government they want in the provinces that are ceded and supported through bribe money, which is what the outcome will be. As long as they aren't running terrorist training camps or doing anything too outrageous. Just keep paying the bribe money, put in reasonably competent authority figures, costly lessons we learned 150 years ago....
  15. Given that activities in NI only really dided down to an acceptable level (I'm not naive enough to think it's gone away despite the lack of reporting in main-stream media), and that the violence in Iraq only died down when the Yanks started paying off the Sunni militias, this actually seems like a reasonable idea.

    Saying that, I'm certain that, with this present shower in power, it's Teasury inpired rather than from a reasonable understanding of realpolitick. The campaign was never really about destroying the Taliban, we didn't give a monkeys about them until we found that they are provided training facilities for AQ leading to 9-11. What the Afghans get up to and want is their choice, as long as it doesn't affect us.

    We can choose to have this thing drag out and throw machines and more importantly men at it, but in the end it will always come down to reaching a political accomodation with them. The balance of that accomodation will depend on who has done the most damage to the other though