Miliband Kicks Balls

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. Interestingly enough Miliband has just gripped Balls into following his view of the economy and advocating his five year plan (whatever the hell that is) and to stop denying the deficit.

    Ed Miliband brings Balls into line over 'deficit denial' - Telegraph

    Balls seems to have fallen into line for now but it makes you wonder how far will the matter go.
    Balls wants the top job so he has a dilemma does he pretend to be Milibands faithful right hand man in the hope that Red Ed wins the next election and then try and clear him aside.
    Problem is that if Ed wins (God forbide) it would be harder to move him so should he watch him closely now and wait to pounce on his next mistake?
  2. That photo looks like an advert for a hotel specialising in gay wedding receptions.

  3. Not really they look like their both fantasizing about sticking knives into each other backs.
  4. Miliband is simply a 'tool' in the hands of the Trade Union movement.

    Balls is the most objectionable, noxious, repellent, dangerous, 'class traitor' in Parliament. Almost in a class of awfulness on his own, but saved from loneliness by the equally repugnant Hain.
  5. And balls is in UNITE's pocket as are most of the labour mp's