Miliband in Afghanistan meets troops

a bliar

I was wondering if he was greeted in silence. However, I'm sure that there will be some more shots of the man in the blue flak jacket for this website's celebration of gurning, gormlessness. Perhaps he has hired the same media adviser as Brown.

Awkward Ed Miliband Moments
Wheres a good IED when you need one :-(
The usual suspects will be doing the grovelling,the real workers will either not be allowed within a mile of him,supervised within an inch of their lives,or ordered to smile and shake hands with it,YEUCH,the very thought of having to do that makes me shudder!
Are Noddy suits on issue?


"He assured them they had the support of the whole country and that he himself wanted to do more to help them"

As opposed to when he was in The Treasury when they did their utmost to ensure that HM Armed Forces were woefully unprepared and unequipped for conflict. Don't forget that whilst we have good kit today it comes after a long struggle in which people died because of the treasury's disinterest in anything to do with the Armed Forces. And Red Ed was at the centre of it. Lets hope someone pointed it out to him when he was in-theatre......
He talked at the wounded in Bastion field hospital? Good God haven't they suffered enough.

It could have been much, much worse.

Creepy, ludicrous and deeply offensive. Frankly, why the news organisations film this sort of cretinism is beyond me - maybe they believe that the average IQ of the nation is equal to that of their subject. Milliband, the least inspiring 'leader' of any British party I've ever seen, with no exception whatsoever, ranting at a very captive audience of troops on active service for no reason other than to be seen doing it by his foolish followers back home. None of those soldiers volunteered or wanted to be there, it was very clear. None, I doubt, gave a single, solitary shit for what he said, and none of them would cherish the moment that he contemptuously waved at them as he flew away.

They are, after all, part of his Enemy.


A total waste of tax payers money sending any political freak out to theatre if you ask me, just to listen to them talking out of their arrse holes to troops with their usual "your the salt of the earth" crap and plenty of long winded promises to boot that will amount to nothing.

MPs don't want to know veterans on their return. Fact !
God, but the man reminds me of every over-eager/unctuous/eager-to-please/can-I-be-of-help-sir creep I encountered during my schooldays. A political animal of the very worst type. He neither looks nor sounds right, and bears out my belief that only abnormal egomaniacs enter politics.
Save your outrage chaps. He is only keeping the chair warm for his brother to make a come back in about 12 months.
Whatever flavour of politician it is, however, it must really hack off everyone in theatre, having to plan for and secure these "tourists".
There should be an outright ban, with the exception of the PM, who is only allowed over there at Christmas, to serve the Turkey and trimmings.
What a waste of resources.

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