Miliband denies EU power creep

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CharlieBubbles, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. The EU Treaty will strengthen, not undermine British foreign policy, the UK's foreign secretary has said.
    David Miliband said the EU's role would complement, not rival Nato and denied an EU figure would replace the UK on the UN Security Council.

    The Tories said the "creeping powers" on foreign and defence policy would erode the UK's ability "to be masters of our own destiny".

    EU parliaments must ratify the treaty - signed by EU leaders last year.

    MPs debated implications for foreign, security and defence issues on the fifth day of topic-by-topic debates on the Lisbon Treaty, drawn up to replace the failed EU Constitution
  2. Oh the foreign, foreign secretary has clearly forgotten the "ratchet clause" which enables executive decisions to be made without accountability to national parliaments.

    Give us a referendum Milliband or face serious future consequences.
  3. Millipede is an EU power creep.
  4. "Liabour politician denies something"

    Great, so the EU is definitely a "power-creep" organisation then.
  5. I seem to recall politicians denying that the EEC was the precursor to a European Union.

    The project continues.

    Believe the complete opposite of anything these corrupt and shameless liars tell you and you wont go far wrong.

    Milliband is a prime example of what happens if you don't return asylum seekers to their countries of origin once the danger has passed.

    He's more of a danger to the freedom and democracy of our nation than those other second generation immigrants who bomb us.

    They are never going to get power to abuse.

    Milliband already has it.
  6. That's ok then - the unelected EU parliament must ratify the constit- sorry, treaty. I'm sure they'll have our interests at heart.
  7. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Milibrand is a power-crazed creep.

    Under the likes of him,Britain moves inexorably into a communist and corrupt dictatorship controlled from Brussels.The Soveitization of Europe with Britain little more than a vassel state obeying orders like a Soviet satellite state during the Cold War.

    Of course in a few years time Milibrand will be one of the Soviet commisars in Brussels giving out orders.
  8. And to add, many of those decisions are made in secret by unelected people. For example, who voted for Peter Mandleson to be a European rep for this countryWhy does chancellor Merkel and several other European leaders insist that the Lisburn agreement is in fact exactly the same as the Constitution, yet Brown, and the Lib Dems insist its totally different?
  9. The closer we get to an election and a change of government in the UK, the more Liabour will hand over power to the European Soviet Union.

    By the time they are thrown out on their ear, the E(S)U will be headed up by Tony Bliar, Cherie will be a senior EU judge and by convention more Commisioner jobs will be handed out to outgoing, failed Liabour politicians.
  10. You didn't vote for your MEP?...I know I did for mine. :?
  11. Comrade, we'll all live in the glorious workers paradise one day.... whether you want it or not.

    :p :twisted:
  12. You forgot to mention Leon Brittan, Chris Patten etc etc etc
  13. Ah yes the architects of a renegotiated EU rebate......................oh hang on a minute their boss said no. Three times in fact......................No Sven that was the current lot and your ****ing mob looked on approvingly.

    Jesus when a Lib Dem cracks on about Europe.................... I hate them almost as much as I hate the incumbents. Get back in your EU cage Sven its feeding time.

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  14. Just out of curiosity:

    which powers currently held by the UK Govt will be handed over to Brussels?

    If the UK is going to be a satellite state of a Soviet style EU, where exectly does the hard power to enforce such a centralised state reside?

    The EU parliament may hold very limited executive powers, but it is most definitely elected by their represented constituents. Where does the executive power lie?

    Now the UK has lost the rebate, how much, in both real terms, as a percentage of the UK GDP, as a percentage of the entire EU budget, and as a sum per capita does the UK pay.

    Do national governments have any line or block vetos over any of the clauses in the new treaty?

    Does the very different perceptions of the EU and the political situations in other EU countries influence the way that other national leaders present the new treaty?
  15. Why on earth wouldn't millipede be approving of a United Socialist States of Europe...he's been getting it from Comrade Father and comrade mother all his life, which is admittedly not long. Tell us Millipede, why exactly didn't you attend that repatriation ceremony at Bastion, even though you had bags of time in your schedule? You aren't usually that shy in front of the cameras are you?

    Now peg off and make toast for Study 6...