Miliband (D) to stand down as MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Not ed but dave , the back stabbed tosser, of to the USA for a job working for a "charideee"

    Miliband or milk and or militants . iPad speller not me:)

    No loss there then.
  2. So which Oxbridge educated Kennedy scholar will be lining up to take Ed's place now when he inevitably falls on his sword?
  3. Fare play to him, if I had been shafted by my brother and his that knob head Balls, I would do one as well. As Labour MPs went, I thought he was a fairly decent bloke ( as far as someone in a Gordon Brown cabinet could be )

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  4. David that is.
    I was just about to head home when the bloke annonced he's buggering off to the States.

    Got to hang around with our political editor doing stuff on the story. Anyone watching the beeb - think of me feezing my arse off on the roof.

    I reckon he's gone to the UN.

    sorry a bit slow (considering where I'm sitting at the moment) this has been done.
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  5. See other thread. He's****ed off to some charity or other.
  6. The whiff of dollar and he was up it like a rat. Good riddance but they'll get just another non-entity in to replace him.
  7. Kin ell pigshyt, if that's your view of what a failed politician is, you need to read more political news. Chris Huhne is no doubt a failed politician. Jeffery Archer is a failed politician as are the many MP's across the political spectrum who quit when they got caught fiddling expenses.

    Milliband rose to the higher echelons of the Labour Party and got pipped at the post for the top job. He's quitting to go on to a new job and new interests. Hardly a failure in my book and I certainly can't see why he should be labeled as such!
  8. Indeed. MODS please feel free to bin this - it's inaccurate and late with the facts - just like 5 News.
  9. Bye, don't let the door hit your arrse on the way out.
  10. What good did he do in government? Nothing. He stood by silent as Iraq unfurled. The only thing that distinguished him at the Foreign Office was his trying to use Public Interest Immunity certificates to prevent Binyam Mohammed adducing evidence that he had indeed been tortured by the Americans, in order to defend himself against prosecution in the States.

    The man is just another pro-US, Oxbridge Kennedy Scholar who cannot think for himself and takes instruction from Washington. There are plenty of other grinning ***** to replace him.
  11. Work for a charity? Easy money! Has to be that or MEP.

  12. cheers...

    Anyway the good news is that NR is doing it in the studio. So I can stay in the warm posting more of this crap in an attempt to make the news all about ME!
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