Miliatary in Pirbright.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by peter_parker, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. I am hoping that there may be someone out there who can help me. I need to get a basic idea of the history of the military in Pirbright.

    I believe that the Army aquired the land in ~1875 with completion of a camp and training facilities for the Brigade of Guards by ~ 1881.

    I know that all Guards training was done here by 1991(?) when Caterham Bks closed, and that the Guards subsequently moved to ITC Catterick. Which left the door open for the formation of ATR(P), which is itself due to become ATC(P) in the (very) near future.

    So please can you fill in any gaps, correct any errors I may have made or point me in the direction of a resource I can use?

    Many thanks,

  2. I was there in 1994, a very important part of Pirbrights history ;)
  3. I got invited to lock myself up in Pirbright Guardroom for idleness in the early '80s
  4. oldbaldy

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    I did my training at Pirbright in 1967. Caterham was still at Guards Barracks then but all training, both basic & the All Arms Driil Wing, was at Pirbright. Plus the Guards Para Company had their barracks in the same complex.
    Oh how I loved the spiders!
  5. Was that about the same time they let buftys in the army. :?
  6. Ahhhh Pirbright.

    I was explaining about "Polly's Perks" to my OH only the other day. :lol:
  7. What other barracks were there?. IIRC the main depot was Alexander Bks, and the new (now falling apart) Elizabeth Bks.

    Funny feeling I saw another barracks referenced at some point. What are 'D' Lines officially part of ?

    There was a railway extended from Bisley (and Brookwood) for WW1 through Pribright and Blackdown S (Deepcut) and N. Tharsands of blokes there.
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I'm sure I have a WW1 postcard showing Deepcut, at least, as an Artillery training depot.
  9. No it was after that.....I had to do a lot of lobbying to get my fellow pink brigade members in ;)
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In January 1989 I was well into my last year. As a member of the garrison rifle team, I got invited to attend an SA80 conversion course. It would be my only chance ever to handle one because Worthy Down, it had been decreed, would never get SA80. The garrison would retain SLR / SMG forever to save pennies. Until someone pointed out that All-Arms courses would be attended by increasing numbers of students who hadn't the faintest about SLRs and SMGs and it was they who provided the prowler guards. Not very secure.

    So half a dozen - maybe a dozen - of us bussed up to Pirbright every day for the week-long course and messed in the Sergeants Mess. The course was okay; I enjoyed converting live rounds into empty cases (I wouldn't have represented the corps at Corpsam every year if I didn't). Except that we didn't get to go bang until about the Thursday.

    In prepping for firing, the instructor commented on the brittle firing pin and how you had to check it wasn't broken off. "What like this?" asks I.

    He gave me directions to the armourers. I set off bimbling down the track in combat jacket and lightweights and absorbed the ambience, not failing to notice that everyone else was about seven foot tall, very smartly-dressed and ticketty-boo.

    I had walked forever down this road and knew I must be close. I saw a squad returning to their accommodation so I went over to check my directions. "NCO IN THE ROOM!" and everybody leapt to their feet. They were almost disappointed to discover that Sergeants could be laid back (being RAPC and in my final months helped). One of them actually escorted me the last few yards to the REME armourer Corporal, who promptly tried to NM&D me for a broken firing pin. Until I pointed out I wasn't one of his snotty-nosed recruits he could bill over and over for the same broken firing pin, I was in the RAPC Computer Centre and did he think his bill would ever make it onto my pay statement and besides, I had spent three years looking after the likes of him during my only RAPC tour in Osnabruck with 12 Armd Wksp. He stopped acting the twaaaaat.

    Begrudgingly he fitted a new firing pin and didn't make me sign for it and I bimbled back up the road. I was about halfway back when I saw our instructor stood waiting. His voiced boomed around Surrey to facking dabble back. I don't think my replied carried quite that far, but basically cavalry didn't run anywhere, especially when they had transferred out to a shiny-arrsed role and were now demob happy anyway. I continued walking. I enjoyed the course and quite liked Pirbright - as a senior rank, for a week and going home at night.
  12. oldbaldy

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    Having done my basic training at Pirbright & then spent 4 years in 1SG, when it came to doing my TIS course at Worthy Down it was like being at Butlins. I didn't realise WOs including the RSM could be so laid back. 8)
    Mind you I was staying at WD during the week & then coming back to Pirbright, where I had a quarter, each weekend & towards the end of the course I was getting some very strange looks about the length of my hair & sideburns as I walk about the patch! 8) 8)
  13. Just found out I've got a week/fortnight holiday in Brunswick Camp, Pirbright.

    Suspect this might be the official name for D Lines 'Centre Parks'.
  14. I think the site was an ammo depot in WW1. An old rail spur used to branch off the main London line up into the camp. There is still an old platform near to where the Saddle Club is now located (inside the ATR). Lizzie Barracks still stands, it is where The Vikings are based.