MILFs you would do.


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Nadine Dorries has a fine pair of chesticles.

Orgiastic? Who said anything about sharing?
  • adj.
    Arousing or causing unrestrained emotion; frenzied.
    Pertaining to or characteristic of the orgies or mystic festivities of the ancient Greeks, Phrygians, etc., especially those in honour of Bacchus or of Cybele; characterized by or consisting in wild, unnatural, impure, or cruel revelry; frantically enthusiastic:
That's not what I said, is it?

I stand by what I said - it's a bit ropey for 31. Not that it matters but I've got 20 years on her and better abs.

No doubt her strategy is 'never mind the árse, look at the tits'.

I wouldn't know; I refuse to objectify her. :-D
Ive got 20 years on her and better tits. :confused:

Well at least mine are real.


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I don't find her at all attractive, but I bet she really goes for it in the sack. She would leave you a post-orgiastic weeping, drained wreck. You wouldn't even remember where you came from or what your name was.
Sounds good to me.

Is she available Saturday evening?
The German Green Party Leader, Annalena Baerbock is very easy on the eye. Used to be a Champion Trampolinist as well. Almost enough to make me vote Green (but I’m not that barking!).