MILFs you would do.


She’s Sharon Horgan
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I was only thinking of you, your old age and dicky ticker ;)
You rang?

Although I would like to make it plain I am not intending to get involved in any menage a troi with anyone from this forum...


Check me out in the lockdown thread, under my Thelmathebelmer I'd.

See. Am gorgeous!

And deluded. But mostly gorgeous.[/URL]
Not to mention a clitoris (a bit of a cnut)
Do I spy red patches on Knees ;)
Slight tangent, the scene is the space between two hangers at an RAF station just up the hill from Lincoln back in 1987. The station was on care and maintenance because the much vaulted AEW aircraft that we were supposed to be buying had been cancelled and those frames that had been delivered were parked down one taxiway.

Anywho a small group of us were an advanced party for the rest of the squadrons who were joining us, but the station staff were practicing for their AOCs parade so they were all lined up in their best blues. In those days there was a seperate flight of WRAF led by a WRAF officer, who whilst she was all dressed up appeared to have bandages on both knees. While we working on a banana jet that was parked in the hanger we kept an eye on the smart rows outside.

The SWO marched out and cast his eye over the assembled ranks, then looked at the aforementioned WRAF officer and asked in a loud clear voice "What is wrong with your legs ma'am?"

She loudly and clearly replied "Carpet burns warrent officer...."

It transpires that she fell down stairs at home and had indeed caused the burns to her legs, but that only came out after the parade had almost cracked up laughing.
Regrettably not a MILF. No kids.
Anyway, I've had dibs on her for at least 10 years.
I suspect that "Connie Rusk" (almost certainly a nom de plume) browses this thread for inspiration. The coincidence of this appearing today is just too great.

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