MILFs you would do.

Not really my cup of tea, but interesting how views, and clickbait differ.
I've put it in here, because I know she's some ARRSEr's thing

OK! Magazine

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The Wail

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The image in question


and another for her Twitter page a few hours ago as a reply :pukel:

'Not for me, I'm oot!'
Wrinkly abs time :omg::thumbdown::puker:
Jings, now I am going to need to bleach my eyes, and I was looking forward to an early night. Probably I won't be able to sleep now.
Fapping away furiously all night eh?


Sorry to disappoint, Kirkz but I wouldn’t put yours near it let alone mine ! It’d be like shagging the Dartford Tunnel with a half inch dick!!!!!!
You have deffo caught the ghey.


Book Reviewer
Photos tell lies.
Like a tramp on chips and a pack of viagra so I can provide lengthy service...

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