MILFs you would do.




I’ve got a bit of a crush on italia ricci

Actress from Designated Survivor and Super girl.

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I see no issue with ginger like this ...
Skinny, pasty, flabby,

Oddly disproportionate boobs

. . . . . indeed what's not to like :?

She's one of those 'It was late, I was atta party, I'd just broke up with me best bird, too many ciders inside me' kinda romantic visions, I guess.


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Oddly disproportionate?

I would perhaps take issue with your eyesight - however when I recall what was thought to affect it .... perhaps an understandable error for you to make. But I would not wish to cast doubt on your honest intentions.

I suspect it is the angle of the photo shot or some minor imperfection of gravity and the surface tension of skin.

I have given serious and extensive study of the object and can only conclude that further study of the remaining images is required before a definitive answer is possible

... if anyone has the link?


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Who takes a surface table and dial gauges to check her tits are running true ?

I know.


It's far easier just to hang a spirit level off her nipples
Dab of engineers blue on each nip, press onto a light coloured wall then get the bubble on the dots. Cleanup may be prolonged.

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