MILFs you would do.


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I have to agree the thought of Les Dennis's sweaty sack on her chin makes me heave.
You should be thinking about what your sack would be like on her chin as she sucks the juice out of you.

I find the thought of you thinking about Les Dennis' sack vaguely disturbing.
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I think she has a great body, especially for her age, and is eminently shaggable. Blonde, slim, nubile etc. but she seems really hard-faced and is probably extremely nasty and acidic. Apart from the obvious physical attributes, she does not seem very feminine at all. Mean-spirited and calculating.

Still would though...once.
Someone once described her as having a flinty-eyed look that suggested she didn't get where she is by baking cupcakes for orphans.
What’s all this talk about their attitude and hard faced demeanour shit or whose been up there??

FFS imagine it being smashed in by Leroy and his mates, crying it’s eyes out and being deepthroated whilst you **** over the 5 minute clip on XHamster because that’s the closest we will get.

It massively more satisfying if you perceive them to deserve it because they are stuck up.

Les could even be in the clip being forced to watch and trying to stop it except he is being sat on be one of scaley albertos models. Lush.


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Been AWOL from ARRSE for a few years and it's great to see there are still some creatures lurking in the serving and veteran community :)..........some of these comments are priceless.


Ditto. She's attractive right enough, but I just cant stand the woman. Dont know what it is, she's just not for me.
There are LOTS of attractive women, and they can have attractive personalities - it's not all about looks.
I don't
know obviously, but I suspect it's all 'ME ME ME' with her.
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