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MILFs you would do.

Ah, the inaugural entry (fnarr fnarr) in the “women you fancy that you shouldn’t“ thread from 12th December 2005. In just 15 years she has migrated from WYFTYS to MILF. I think that’s an achievement to be proud of, akin to winning the London Marathon or being photographed taking a mid race dump at the roadside.

Well done Paula!
You beat me to it :thumleft:

Well done - if we lose track of our History - We Are Nothing!! :-D
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Dawn Butler's got a decent pair of chebs on her. What's not to like ?

Here's Dawn Butler when she's got a bit of slap on her face



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This lady, Tracey Borman, a Tudor version of telling history ala Richard Holmes. Is at the moment on C5 relating the fate of Anne Boleyn and the devious skullduggery that went on behind the scenes.



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You do need to be careful when waving an asp around as they can be very dangerous.

One of them mortally wounded Cleopatra.
I was thinking of the metal extendable ones rather than inflict Butler on a hissy bitey asp. Poor creature you should be ashamed fo yourself, what would the RSPCA say. Tin rattles in the distance for help the asp's maybe.
Err . . . . neither. Not even when she was Rita.
Even more so due to the crap scouse accent she attempted to put on. Even Dick Van Dyke could have pulled it off better.

Yes, many puns to be played there.