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MILFs you would do.

Hexi Bloke

What about this one........if you could catch her mind
I have a confession!!

I am in fact Crash Test Dummy's Sock but not the one they wnak with.
Why do you have to create a new profile every time someone calls you out? Your MO is so obvious it's impossible to miss your inanity.



Ute Lemper in her late 50s - still a (strict) smasher.


Book Reviewer
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What about this one........if you could catch her mindView attachment 523614View attachment 523615

Ah, the inaugural entry (fnarr fnarr) in the “women you fancy that you shouldn’t“ thread from 12th December 2005. In just 15 years she has migrated from WYFTYS to MILF. I think that’s an achievement to be proud of, akin to winning the London Marathon or being photographed taking a mid race dump at the roadside.

Well done Paula!

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