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MILFs you would do.

Both worth a punt, happy on behalf of arrse to do it for the team.
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But unsure which one first?

Katie's bio:
Katie King is a top-tier scientist whose love of laughing matches her lust for learning, and whose refusal to take herself seriously embodies a refreshing new direction in science communication.

Katie is currently a PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge, working on novel ways of using gold nanoparticles in the fight against cancer. She previously completed a master’s degree in Natural Sciences, also at Cambridge, and was well-known during her time as an undergraduate as co-presenter of the CamFM science radio show, where her disarming humor and jargon-busting style found popularity among scientists and lay audiences alike.

Katie is passionate about educating and inspiring people from all walks of life to engage with science. After her undergraduate degree, she spent time teaching maths and physics to disadvantaged teenagers, and contributed to Lucy and Stephen Hawking’s popular children’s science book “George and the Blue Moon”. As a Tech She Can ambassador, Katie takes aim at gender imbalance in the STEM professions, and hopes that through her efforts she can help to create a more even playing field for the next generation.

Katie has been fascinated with space for as long as she can remember, and before starting her PhD, was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a research internship at NASA, where she worked closely with the director of Solar System Exploration searching for organic molecules on Mars.

Outside of her scientific pursuits, Katie is a bona fide adventurer, and counts hiking in the Arctic circle and flying solo with the RAF among her adrenaline junky credentials.

Katie’s mission is to make science more exciting, accessible, and inclusive to all people in the universe.
Anyone else notice the "Ride of Ritain" on the left of the advertising boards.....

@Kirkz im ROFL and LOL and LMFAO....actually just a minor smirk, it doesnt say Ride of Britain.
The sportsman's double


I invoke...

That is booty and a half........


War Hero
To my eyes it just looks out of place, like kardashians, caricatures of people and more to be pitied than admired.

or burnt at the stake?

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Holly Hamilton is a soon to be milf judging by her bump on TV yesterday
In which case I'm getting in early


You would be "Justified" getting into these over 45s, Raylan did!


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