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MILFs you would do.


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Sorry about this but I can’t rotate it.

Paddy is RE and his wife some ex forces, taken from a find me place in the country I am watching now and got a stirring in the balls.

Apologies if you’re an Arrser but take it as a compliment, my seed has only been released in some very select women, I bagged it or spaffed it outside the unselect ones.
Here, have a good look



Book Reviewer
Different cover but still alive and could be a MILF one day:

ETA Angela Rayner reminds me of an airportable Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate is the Doctor's new assistant's new assistant

Have to split into two parts. Apologies for the piping reference in the MILF thread. Chef, I have heard the Snake Charmer perform before. I believe Gordon was the first to perform Thunderstruck on the GHB. He was very innovative in his interpretation of how it should/could be played.

Back on track, sorry no pics as it's happening in my vivid imagination, the Snake Charmer, yes please. I would love, no, be honest, lust to make her a member of this thread. Unfortunately there are quite a few obstacles, not least Mein Führer. Then, no matter what we think, no female of that age is going to look on us auld bars tards, unless we're loaded. I'm not, besides it may be a nice way for me to go, i don't think she'd be too pleased me popping off as she rode me over the top. ;)

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