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MILFs you would do.

Watching the rest of the program she seems to have great legs and ass but not lost the belly and the tits aren’t big enough to cover for the flabby midriff.

I always find it a shame when women put weight on the belly and not tits, the same as I wish my own cock would grow in proportion to my beer gut.

Imagine if beer belly was replaced with beer cock, I would have a foot long and my missus would be an E cup!
Not sure if the delectable Natasha Raskin-Sharp qualifies, but as I found a pic with lovely Christina, feast your eyes...


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Sorry about this but I can’t rotate it.

Paddy is RE and his wife some ex forces, taken from a find me place in the country I am watching now and got a stirring in the balls.

Apologies if you’re an Arrser but take it as a compliment, my seed has only been released in some very select women, I bagged it or spaffed it outside the unselect ones.
Blonde, glasses, female, nubile, slim(-ish). I bet she has piercings and tatts too under that deceptively baggy jumper. Is she a nurse?

ETA: I would (obvs)!
No sign of this been withdrawn sir. I shall call the bounder forthwith

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I thankee kind sir.
Tell him I could settle for an apology and giving him a damned good thrashing on the steps of his Club. I believe it’s called something like ‘The ‘Tappers and Shunters Club’.


Didn't mean to come across as maudlin. After the Sleeping Tune I want tunes by Gordon belted out, full blast. Thunderstruck, Just for Seamus, Andy Renwick's *Ferret, for starters. I'll still manage a grin as I stoke up the furnaces.

*Nothing whatsoever to do with a ferret. ;)

Different cover but still alive and could be a MILF one day:

ETA Angela Rayner reminds me of an airportable Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate is the Doctor's new assistant