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MILFs you would do.

A while back. she went through a phase of very short hair. I thought she has crossed to wearing comfortable shoes . .



War Hero
Does age matter when it comes to MILFS? This is Julia Somerville TV Presenter currently on Rip Off Britain with two other women.

Born in 1947 making her 73 years old. She doesn't half wear some outrageous gear on the Rip Off Britain show. Photos taken straight from the TV this morning.

Fit or shit.

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Uncanny resemblance.

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If anyone saw last week's episode of Ambulance, there is this mother/daughter combo:


And as for mouth-to-mputh and the kind of CPR they never teach you in paramedic school....


An entry that could easily fit into the 'Women you fancy that you shouldn't' or 'Danger fücks' threads.

Alanis Morissette. She's got a bit mumsy and put on some weight.


Nope. She is a proper danger f*ck: she got arrested for beating the crap out of her toyboy husband. Unless you like punching gobby northern slags that is, then she's perfect for you.
I wouldn't be staying around long enough for any of the crap she gets up to.
A knee trembler would be time enough

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