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MILFs you would do.

Hang on a ******* minute, how does him fancying ugly women equate to how I look? It's not as if he wants to **** me.
Although play your cards right...
The divisive Katherine Ryan is still worth a go on

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Chebbage seems ok
She'd look great in bondage gear, or a princess Leia bikini.

Snaps fingers in an authoritative manner, ala Maitre D
"Cold shower for Monsieur Baggyskin"


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
Perhaps it’s my age, but I definitely would give Sally Phillips, currently a regular on the BBC Sunday morning live show, the best twenty seconds of my life!
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and while you've mentioned la philips - her colleague from Coupling - kate isitt. she's popped a couple out, so she qualifies -

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