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MILFs you would do.


Absolutely crap shag though. Seriously shite in bed.

(Based on a sex tape featuring her a few years ago: she was crap at giving head and just lay on her back while getting shagged (with a bra on to help stop her tits stretching and thus destroying her career).
Unless you've actually fucked her, you're just basing that on hear say, it might have been she didn't actually like the partner she was with so her heart wasn't in it.


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Nina is quite cuddly although she has not managed to lose her post pregnancy weight. You are quire right though, her choice of clothes is as bad as Munchetty's.

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Munchkin isn't a milf and from what I understand is far too self-centred to want kids.

It's not her clothes that's the problem, it's her fuck-off Dumbo ears and tragic haircut. That's before you get to her personality.
Perhaps it’s my age, but I definitely would give Sally Phillips, currently a regular on the BBC Sunday morning live show, the best twenty seconds of my life!

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