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MILFs you would do.

In your dreams Rich, :) you've no chance, I got my master divers ticket years ago

You may have, but the poor birds you dive into haven't! You drown them from their fannies up! What chance have the poor souls? One minute they're breathing normally, next their lungs fill up from their furry* lips.

*Other designs may be available.

Dr Death

War Hero
Jane Asher



Absolutely crap shag though. Seriously shite in bed.

(Based on a sex tape featuring her a few years ago: she was crap at giving head and just lay on her back while getting shagged (with a bra on to help stop her tits stretching and thus destroying her career).
You utter barsteward,
You've just ruined my life, I have got to remove her from
my wank bank now :-(8O


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