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MILFs you would do.


War Hero
She was the Compere/MC.

She had a can of orange juice in our bar after the show (no alcohol) and very unfortunately she never at any point got them out.

I am all about the detail even though very boring with it!
Bugger I had an image of her sat there in profile with her chebs out.... in black and white obviously as I'm old. A sort of delectable and fragrant Marcel Marceau

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Casey Batchelor, give her a go

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I was admiring that in the Mail today, until I saw the length of the shadow of the wart/mole on her tummy, you could hang a wet donkey jacket from that thing.

ETA: The picture was part of an article praising her for her courage in not hiding the stretch marks on her body, despite it being blindingly obvious from the picture that she has clearly done exactly that and blurred the marks out.
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Lucy “has she ever had ‘em out?” Lawless has a daughter. This may have been pointed out in this thread before, but just sayin’, like...
It's rather amusing that from being a full card carrying leftie wokist she's now being devoured by the same pack
Not that the Left is ever known for eating its own.

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