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MILFs you would do.

If I skip the foreplay, you can have her in about 4 minutes.

Foreplay is that when you wipe your knob on the curtains before hand?

Dr Death

War Hero
Hannah Schmitz of Red Bull Racing F1 Team

This is her after a face full of something with her friend Max.


That's what happened to Captain Scarlet.

She looks like my brother's first wife, but she was proper dowdy and dull, so it couldn't be. On the other hand I haven't seen her for about 20 years, so who knows?
Chip in half the £100 for her "company" and I will ask if she used to be Mrs Greenbaggyskins major.
Good god - "looked pretty good"???????? You are a master of understatement. She is utterly delectable, completely gorgeous, heartbreakingly attractive. My absolute perfect woman.

She looked better in Underworld in her PVC clobber

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