MILFs you would do.


War Hero
well, I will generally only take supper at the kitchen table if I missed Dinner earlier. This would normally be after 2000hrs.

Depends how long it has taken me to jet wash out of the wheel arches; the poor people I have run over on the estate. They insist on wearing clothes made from synthetic fibres. Can you believe it?
Peasant. Don’t you have a man to do that sort of job for you?



Did you ask for a “day return do dottingham”?
I asked if I could fuck off from the conference early and beat the rush..... that was at 09.01am, bastards made me stay until 4pm :(


Rubbish. At least we don't carry whippets around in brown paper bags. And we stand our round in the pub.
Proof positive you're a Southern nancy.

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