MILFs you would do.

Estelle Skornik, 49 and very do-able. AKA Nicole from the Renault ads.



Everybody I know who has had to work with her (make-up artists, costume fitters, music producers as well as my missus) says that she is ghastly. I think that we all know how to shut her up...

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just want to turk her, not marry her


What if she owned a skip hire company?

Sent from my karzi while losing several pounds
I'd date her.
Marry? Not even if she offered to let me have all and I do mean all the useable stuff from every skip.


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Think money and give her a go

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she looks viable without makeup, natural blond so no wild body hair moments - I'd be happy enough I reckon.

although I love the fact the snowflakes are in hysteria over her NOT sharing their politics. anti EU, and independence - just need to check her AGW opinions


Top news totty Fiona Susanna - bastard - Reid into a cocked hat!

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Nope she annoys me when she wobbles her head while reading the news
Reid looks as though she's been banged more times than the shower doors at Auschwitz.
Think old Landrover versus BMW Chelsea Tractor.
One does everything you want when you need it and the other looks good but doesn't like getting dirty.

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