MILFs you would do.

During her recent spat with an Aussie politician over the cause of the bushfires she said that she was in the RAF for four years. Yet her wikipedia entry states that she worked for the met office who sent her to RAF Brize Norton between 2005 and 2007 to provide met briefings for transport crews and BFBS. One for the walts thread perhaps?

And before anyone asks, yes, I would, until the fatal heart attack kicked in.
I think pry bars would be needed to remove anyone from that walt.
to quote @don't tell him pike - I would
I was at school at the time so was never on the balcony, though I'm pretty sure the SAS would have had me there if Mr Matthews was not so strict about attendance at his chemistry lessons.

Fake Sheikh

War Hero
Ruth Langsford

But Eammon as been up it already

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